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Halle Barry is Lactose Intolerant

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Movie star Halle Barry is lactose intolerant.

Halle Barry

Victoria Rowell- Lactose Intolerant

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Victoria Rowell, day time Soap-opera star from The Young And The Restless is lactose intolerant.

Victoria Rowell

Katy Segal-Rumored to be Lactose Intolerant

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Many of you probably know this celebrity as Peggy on Married with Children, did you know she is rumored to be lactose intolerant?

Katy Segal

BEWARE: Of the Coffeehouse!

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

Beware the coffeehouse…

The warm inviting atmosphere of the uptown coffee shop lures you in. You sit in one of the creaking, flowery-upholstered mismatched chairs, open your favorite book and reach for a hot, steaming cup of…LACTOSE??? For crying out loud. Just when you thought everything was safe and cozy, the froth skimming your upper lip carries that familiar odor of warm milk. Unfortunately, lattes are full of it. Most coffee drinks have only a shot of espresso, and the rest of the beverage is steamed milk. Here is what you need to know to survive a trip “out for coffee” with your best friend.

Stay away from convenience stores. Yes, Quick Stop and Tom Thumb have “cappucino” machines, but this coffee is undoubtedly made with a dairy product, most likely dried milk. You could always ask the clerk if the machine is dairy free, but how and why would he know?

Good news! When I first wrote this section, chain coffeehouses, like Caribou Coffee and Starbucks, did not cater to the lactose intolerant. But! Thanks to the immesurable pressure I’m sure they felt after thouroughly exploring my website, both have added West Soy Vanilla soy milk to their menu.

You may still visit your locally run coffeehouse. This is the coffeehouse that does not have a mass produced menu. The menu is usually written on a chalkboard screwed to a natural brick wall above the counter. The furniture decidedly does not match and looks like it came from Goodwill or a fire auction. (You may have noticed chain coffee places imitating this look with mass produced chalkboards.)

Local coffeehouses may have soy or rice milk to substitute in their lattes for milk. This lets them cater to not only lactose intolerant customers, but also to vegans (who don’t consume any animal products). You may recognize these vegans by their colorful hair and ornate piercings. Do not be afraid! Befriend these people, as they are usually friendly and help make more dairy-free foods and drinks available for the lactose intolerant, too.

Regardless of where you go, be aware your drink won’t be as frothy and pretty as your friends’, because nothing froths quite like real milk. (This is why some places don’t carry substitutes.) If rice milk is substituted, your drink will be sweeter, and if soy milk is substituted, your drink will have a more earthy flavor (read: it will taste vaguely like dirt).

Even if you ask for soy or rice milk, make very sure the flavoring they add is not full of lactose. Usually this is only a concern if you order a chocolate flavored latte. Oh! And don’t forget to tell them you do not want whip cream! Often, people don’t make the non-dairy connection of choosing rice milk and smother your otherwise digestible drink with rich whip cream.

To be safe anywhere, order your coffee straight and black. No lattes, cappucinos, or anything with whip cream on top.

I am not the only one who has run across this problem. Caffeinated Magazine features a writer in a similar situation. Read James P. Oliver’s essay and review of coffee houses in Spokane, WA.

Where do I go? Java Joe’s Coffeehouse in Des Moines, IA serves soy milk coffees. The Daily Grind in Stillwater, MN serves rice milk coffees. And now, both Caribou and Starbucks, conveniently located in any highrise tower or local strip mall, carry soy milk as well.

You can thank me. 🙂

Eat this- foods you can eat without having symptoms.

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

Eat this!

Okay, so you know what you can’t eat, but what can you eat? You can probably eat yogurt. Yes, I know this topic has been debated thoroughly, but according to All You Want to Know About Yogurt!, thanks to the “live active cultures” in yogurt, it is digestible by lactose intolerant people. I’ve experimented with this, and I have no trouble digesting it without any of my normal intolerance side effects. I don’t even get canker sores, which I get from other dairy products even if I take a lactase supplement with them. So, as long as you’re lactose intolerant and not allergic to dairy products, I think yogurt is probably the best natural calcium source available easily in your local grocery store.

You can eat semi-sweet chocolate chips and dark chocolate, as long as they don’t have added dairy products like whey or butter. Two brands I’ve used which do not have lactose in them are Baker’s and Log House semi-sweet chocolate chips. Ghirardelli’s dark chocolate is also dairy free. Hershey’s Cocoa and Syrup are dairy free.

A great substitute for ice cream is sorbet. It is a water (as opposed to dairy) based frozen dessert. Most sorbets (like Ben and Jerry’s) are even fat free and cholesterol free. Yum! Ben and Jerry’s sorbet is one option, but Haagen Dazs (you can also read their page in Japanese) and other frozen dessert companies market it as well. Way to go! A big Non-Dairy THANK YOU from the lactose intolerant community!

Parve foods do not contain dairy products. This is one type of kosher label. Other kosher symbols to look for on packaging include a U in a circle, a K with leaves above and below, and a K in a triangle; these foods may or may not have dairy in them–read the label. Sometimes these symbols have a D by them, which means they definitely do have dairy in them. If there are no dairy ingredients listed and you see one of these symbols, you’re probably safe. To be sure, look for the word parve on the label. Chances are you never noticed these little letters before, but they can really help you out at the grocery store.

Public Service Announcement: Eggs do NOT contain lactose, and neither do potatoes. I receive an OBSCENE amount of email from people who think eggs are a dairy product. Eggs are just chickens, and potatoes are just potatoes! Okay? Okay. Thank you for your attention.

Survey Results: How do lactose intolerant individuals cope with their symptoms?

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

As a lactose intolerant sufferer, its important to know what others are doing about their condition.

In a recent 2007 survey, I asked 300 lactose intolerant individuals what they did to coup with their lactose intolerance. Here are the results:

32% – Avoid dairy completely
32% – Take lactase supplements with dairy foods
12% – Consume lactose-free/dairy-free substitute products
24% – Suffer the pain

** It is interesting to note, that in a similar survey1999 showed that a whopping 53% of lactose intolerant sufferers avoided dairy, while only 24% took lactase supplements when consuming dairy products. **

Orlando Bloom is Lactose Intolerant

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Movie star Orlando Bloom (lead actor in Pirates of the Caribbean) is rumored to be lactose intolerant.

Orlando Bloom

Hayden Panettiere

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Hayden is one of the hottest new TV stars (she is on Heroes). It is reported that she is lactose intolerant.

She is in a lot of Got Milk ads lately (see pick below). I find this pretty funny since she’s supposed to be lactose intolerant!

Hayden Panettiere

Victoria Beckham

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Victoria Beckham is lactose intolerant.

You might reconize her as Posh Spice of the Spice Girls or as the wife of Manchester United (and now Los Angeles Galaxy) soccer star, David Beckham.

Victoria Beckham

Jessica Simpson- Yes, she is Lactose Intolerant!

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

I don’t think much background info is needed about this celebrity.The important point is that she sufferers from lactose intolerance like us.

Jessica told US TV show ‘Extra’: “I’m not good on sugar. Or dairy – you’ll hear it come out of all ends!”

Jessica Simpson

Disclaimer: No medical doctor has reviewed the contents of this website/ blog. This website/blog was development for the purpose of providing a central place for lactose intolerant individuals to come to share basic information and personal insight. It is advised that you check with your physician or medical advisor before acting upon anything learned from this site.