Flying the LI Friendly Skies

Guess what? You can order lactose-free meals on airlines !!!

Traveling is always difficult because its harder to control what is available to eat. But, there is good news about airplane food. You can request DAIRY FREE meals!

Just make sure to confirm your meal preference when you make your reservation. It’s free, and the food is often fresher and better than the regular airplane food. Plus, it’s likely you’ll get your meal first.

Even though your meal will have your name and “No Lactose” written on it, don’t forget to read the labels on prepackaged items like desserts. I have yet to get a lactose-free dessert with my lactose-free meal! However, many of the regular desserts like pre-packaged sugar cookies are lactose-free. Hey, I don’t set the airfare prices either. Read the labels.

Don’t ask for a vegetarian meal. You’re likely to get substandard lasagna.

3 Responses to “Lactose Intolerant and Airplane food- not a great match!”

  1. Annie Lin Says:

    Twice, I have ordered lactose free meals on airline flights, and twicw, the airline got it wrong! So to play it safe, I now order Kosher meals when I fly.

  2. rick chinn Says:

    Kosher is a good fallback, but it can backfire because the rule is:
    don’t mingle meat and dairy.

    So, a hamburger can be Kosher, but a cheesburger will never be. A cheese sandwich is also Kosher. There’s an element of risk here.

    With more and more airlines charging extra for “food” perhaps the safest thing is to bring your own. Of course, if you make it at home, you have to get it past the TSA goons.

  3. Odchudzanie Says:

    you can’t be so sure that you get what you ask for!
    so be careful ordering lactose-free meals on airlines.

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