A long time ago…I tried it! And it worked (sort of)! I successfully ate a cheeseburger without any problem. I was so proud. I also made it through half a pizza, but a slice of lasagna didn’t do so well in my stomach. With Extra Strength Lactaid I need to take more (3-4 capsules) than they recommend (1-2 capsules).

Although this sounds like a dream come true, lactase supplements don’t do as great of a job as they claim. They get rid of the gas for the most part, assuming you take enough, but they may cause other digestive problems, like diahrrea, up to 24 hours later. I always get canker sores in my mouth when I eat dairy products, regardless of whether I take a supplement or not. Finally, if you use Lactaid often, you may build up some sort of resistance to it. After not using it for a month or so its effectiveness should return, but that also varies. Overall, I find it works for me about 90% of the time.

Lately other companies have come out with lactase supplements. These aren’t as prettily packaged, but work the same way for much less money. I now use the Target brand supplement. It contains exactly the same about of lactase as Lactaid Ultra, also comes individually wrapped, and costs about $3 less per box. Let me know if you’ve found other Lactaid-imitation supplements that work just as well.



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