Treating Lactose Intolerance

Temporary Aids: Lactase Supplements

Lactiad is the main brand of temporary aids, but every pharmacy or drug store seems toLactaid Ultra have their own brand. These products are made of lactase (the enzyme your body needs to break down dairy products). You consume the pill before you eat a dairy product and its supposed to help your body break down the dairy you consume.

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Non-Dairy Substitutes

Lactaid Milk

Alternatively, you may turn to non-dairy products or “lactose free” products instead of dairy products. Today, you can basically get all dairy products “lactose free” or “dairy free”

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Final Option

Stay away from dairy products or suffer the consequences… Yes, I truly believe this is the worst option of them all. I recommend trying Lactagen or one of these supplements. So, you can have dairy products without symptoms.

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