Cooking Lactose Free


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  • New! The Milk Soy Protein Intolerance Guidebook/Cookbook
    by Tamara Field
  • New! The Whole Soy Cookbook
    by Patricia Greenberg, Helen Newton Hartung
    175 Delicious, nutritious, easy-to-prepare recipes featuring tofu, tempeh, and various forms of nature’s healthiest bean.
  • New! Secrets of Lactose Free Cooking
    by Arlene Burlant
    Over 150 Delicious Dairy-Free and Lactose-Reduced Recipes From Breakfast to Dinner–for the 75 percent of adults who have some form of lactose intolerance, Arlene Burlant presents 150 dairy-free recipes–including Veal Ribs in Cream and Sage Sauce, Yogurt Cheesecake, and Veal Parmesan. Presenting many unknown facts about lactose use, Burlant also shows how to judiciously use products that have lactose and lists the lactose-free foods now available in most stores.
  • New! The Milk Sugar Dilemma: Living with Lactose Intolerance
    “This thoroughly researched and readable book is a complete and practical guide. The authors cover every aspect of living without lactose, and include a comprehensive list of lactose-free food products.” -Nutrition & the MD
    by Sherlyn Martens, Richard A. Martens
  • New! Raising Your Child Without Milk: Reassuring Advice and Recipes for Parents of Lactose-Intolerant and Milk-Allergic Children
    by Jane Zukin
    This book offers parents of milk-allergic or lactose intolerant children the most up-to-date medical and nutritional information. It contains 125 dairy-free recipes, and answers questions sent in from parents across the country.

  • The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen : Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Dishes from the Healthiest Place Under the Sun
    by Donna Klein
  • Totally Dairy-Free Cooking
    by Louis Lanza, Laura Morton
  • 366 Simply Delicious Dairy-Free Recipes
    by Robin Robertson
  • Easy Breadmaking for Special Diets: Wheat-Free, Milk- And Lactose-Free, Egg-Free, Gluten-Free, Yeast-Free, Sugar-Free, Low Fat, High To Low Fiber
    by Nicolette M. Dumke
  • The Lactose-Free Cookbook
    by Sheri Updike
  • What?s to Eat? The Milk-Free, Egg-Free, Nut-Free Food Allergy Cookbook
    by Linda Marienhoff Coss
  • CalciYum!
    by David and Rachelle Bronfman
    (Check out publisher Bromedia, Inc. for more info about CalciYum!)
  • 101 Fabulous Dairy-Free Desserts Everyone Will Love
    by Annette Pia Hall
  • The Dairy-Free Cookbook
    by Jane Zukin
  • Milk Is Not For Every Body
    by Steve Carper
  • The Milk Free Kitchen
    by Beth Kidder
  • The Lactose Free Family Cookbook
    by Jan Main
  • The Uncheese Cookbook
    by Joanne Stepaniak (see other titles by this author for more vegan recipes)
  • The Complete Food Allergy Cookbook
    by Marilyn Gioannini

  • Recipes

    Most of the recipes I use are naturally lactose free. In recipes calling for milk, I substitute rice milk. This works wonderfully. I use lactose free margarine and chocolate chips in cookies (see list above). Look for VEGAN recipes–they don’t contain dairy products while vegetarian recipes may. A good resource is the Veggies Unite! Recipe Directory.

    I’m starting to compile lactose-free recipes. Here’s the first release! *If you have any wonderful dairy-free recipes please submit them to me, so I can share them with others.

    • Lactose-Free Sugar Cookies
      Light and sweet, these easy rollout sugar cookies will please any guest and make a great hostess gift for holiday parties. Rollouts also make a fun holiday project for kids in the kitchen. These are soft, crisp, and won’t break in the mail.
    • Lactose-Free Gingerbread Cookies
      These cookies are meant to be eaten (they’re non-dairy and very tasty!) but may also be used as ornaments, placecards, or decorations during the holiday season.

Disclaimer: No medical doctor has reviewed the contents of this website/ blog. This website/blog was development for the purpose of providing a central place for lactose intolerant individuals to come to share basic information and personal insight. It is advised that you check with your physician or medical advisor before acting upon anything learned from this site.