Awards and Recognitions


My website has been featured in several publications as a great resource for lactose intolerant individuals.

Feel the Love

The people at Snap! Online seem to think this page is great, because on October 15, 1997, they voted it Best of the Web in the Health and Nutrition arena. On March 30, 1998, I received email from Raj Lakhanpal, MD at HealthAtoZ informing me this page has received the health-related services and information search engine’s four-star rating. This is the highest rating given to any lactose intolerance web page!

During the summer of 1998, I was selected to become a part of Medinex, The Web’s Intelligent Health Index. In the fall of 1998, they reviewed my site online and sent me another award.

On October 19, 1998, my site was given the Snap Editors’ Choice designation in recognition of its excellence in design, content and editorial presentation.

In May of 1999, my web page was added to AllAllergy.Net, a gateway to all asthma, allergy and intolerance information on the web, linking to all articles, organizations, books and journals, events, and products for allergic and intolerant individuals.

In June of 1999 I was also listed with Health Wave and the Galaxy web index, because their Human Information Specialists deemed my web site a “valuable health resource.”

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Disclaimer: No medical doctor has reviewed the contents of this website/ blog. This website/blog was development for the purpose of providing a central place for lactose intolerant individuals to come to share basic information and personal insight. It is advised that you check with your physician or medical advisor before acting upon anything learned from this site.