As anyone who suffers from lactose intolerance can attest – and it’s estimated that more than one in five people do – all dairy products are a big “don’t.” With the national launch of Green Valley Organics™ Lactose Free at Whole Foods Market® this summer, millions of Americans who suffer from lactose intolerance will enjoy new dairy yogurt and kefir options.  In addition to being organic, certified humane, low fat, kosher, GMO and gluten free, Green Valley Organics™ offers Flourish™ – a custom blend of 10 live active probiotic cultures that promotes optimal digestive and immune system health.  Flourish™ delivers eight more health-promoting live active cultures than the USDA’s yogurt requirement of two.

“Fermented dairy products like yogurt and kefir are functional superfoods that help promote healthy digestion and a strong immunity system,” said Dr. Liz Applegate, Director of Sports Nutrition at UC Davis. “Up until now, lactose intolerant consumers haven’t had a lactose free, calcium-rich, real dairy option which Green Valley Organics™ now delivers with live and active cultures that have a variety of health benefits. Yogurt and kefir also boost bone health and may help with weight control when consumed as a regular part of your diet.”

“Our yogurts and kefirs taste delicious. The response from our retail customers has been extremely positive,” said Green Valley Organics™ CEO and General Manager Ken Strunk. “We’ve created an all new real dairy category by addressing one of the most prevalent food sensitivities – lactose intolerance – that also delivers superb taste. Green Valley Organics™ Lactose Free dairy products are not a ‘settle for’ diet exchange option – they are the best taste choice with nutritional benefits that are important to consumers.”

“Our retail customers can feel good about adding Green Valley Organics™ ‘no lactose, no worries’ yogurts and kefirs to their dairy cases,” said Green Valley Organics™ President and Owner Jennifer Bice.  “Each product we make uses fresh organic cow milk from humane certified farms and is as natural and unprocessed as possible.  We never use coloring, preservatives or stabilizers in any of our products and employ sustainable and earth-friendly practices at every stage of production at our solar powered creamery.”

Green Valley Organics™ blends the best quality fruits and ingredients into its creamy smooth and naturally sweet yogurts and kefirs. The company uses organic blueberries and strawberries in its fruit-at-the-bottom yogurt and blends blueberries, pomegranates and acai berries for its fruit kefir. And because Green Valley Organics™ yogurts and kefirs contain no lactose, they are significantly lower in sugar as well – good news for diabetics or anyone watching their sugar intake.  A six-ounce cup of Green Valley Organics™ plain yogurt contains four grams of sugar compared to 11 grams found in other plain yogurts, while Green Valley Organics™ Blueberry yogurt has 16 grams of sugar compared to 29 grams found in some other fruit yogurts.

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  1. admin Says:

    I’ve personally tried the Green Valley Organic products. I have to admit the yogurts taste great. It’s thick and creamy with good flavor.

    The Kefir is okay. Its a bit think for me, but has really good taste and its really good for you.

    You can find these products at Whole Foods, check them out.

  2. ngolemetza Says:

    I have tried the Green Valley Organics kefir and it looks like now the kefir taset like real kefir. I love it. I think now the kefir is as good as the yogurt – Great product!

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