A healthy diet with Lactose Intolerance!

If you have Lactose Intolerance, eating dairy can be a painful experience. However, you might not have to swear off dairy completely. People have a varying degree of symptom occurrence that has a direct correlation to just how much dairy you eat in a sitting. Try having small amounts of dairy gauge your limit. Also, spread your consumption of dairy products throughout the day.

Not to worry, if you are extremely susceptible to symptom occurrence at any amount, there are plenty of ways to live a dairy free life while maintaining sound health. The main concern of a dairy-free diet is a lack of calcium and vitamin D. Drinking one glass of calcium-fortified orange juice and one glass of calcium fortified soymilk a day will help you achieve daily requirements (600 mg of 1000 mg) for calcium. Foods that are plenty rich in calcium are broccoli, almonds, soy beans and bok choy. Add a multivitamin to your routine to help. With this said, nothing really substitutes dairy products. Try to find your level of severity and consume a safe amount as much as possible to ensure enough calcium and vitamin D intake.

This post was provided by Andrew Rubalcava, author of Go Healthy Go Fit.

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