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  1. Susan Says:

    Having just been diagnosed as lactose intolerant, I have heard that wine contains lactose??

    Is this for both white and red wine, and is it for all wines or only some? How do you know?

  2. paola Says:

    Dear Susan,

    I have been lactose intolerant since I was a little girl and so my experiences with dairy have been quite vast. I LOVE ALL THAT IS DAIRY and suffered quite a bit trying to convince myself that my reactions were from other sources 😉 hehehe! Well now I am in my thirties and I have finally accepted that dairy and my body do not mix 😉 I have read a lot and have experiemented a great deal on what agrees with me and what doesn´t… you will have to do the same as we are all different. In terms of wine, i have never heard of wine containing any dairy products or by-products. If you do feel badly after drinking red wine or coffee, you may have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and the tannins in the above do not agree with you. Many people who have IBS are lactose intolerant.
    Hope this helps!

  3. john Says:

    Hi Susan,

    I agree with Paola. I’ve never head of lactose in wine either. If you have symptoms from wine, possibly you should look into IBS.


  4. Candace Says:

    Hi Paola. I just recently figured out on my own that I’m lactose intolerant, after searching an IBS website for dietary restrictions and recipes. I decided to eliminate things one by one, and the first thing I eiminated was dairy. Every symptom I had just vanished, including gastric reflux. My whole life changed. As for lactose in wine…I don’t see how there can be, since milk is from cows and wine is from grapes…? One is an animal product and one is a vegetable product. Maybe you are thinking of fructose…?

  5. Candace Says:

    comment was directed to Susan, not Paola. Sorry.

  6. Kelly Says:

    Hi Susan,
    After reading your post I have to put my two cents in…but only because I just learned of some wines containing lactose from visiting a winery and thought this might help you. Our guide throughout the winery asked if anyone had any “reactions” to wine and a few people raised their hands and said, “i can’t drink it because of the sulfites.” He then asked if anyone was lactose intolerant and a couple of the same people raised their hands. He then brought up the idea to them that some of the wines made use lactose in the fermenting process. None of us in the group had ever heard of such a thing. I told this to my mother who has been lactose intolerant for a few years now and had non relatingly stopped drinking wine because she thought she was having a reaction to sulfites since she got really flushed after only a few sips and it really hurt her stomach. She bought a vegan wine and has been fine ever since. Now I don’t know and do not claim to know which wines contain lactose, but I did some google searches and found a small amount on information concerning wine and lactose. Hope this may help alittle!!

  7. gill Says:

    On a recent plane journey I chose a bottle of complimentary white wine; idly reading the label, it stated that dairy products were now used in the fining of the wine. I exchanged this bottle for another, only to find the same information. the wines were a tyrell and jacobs creek brand (Australian). As I am lactose intolerant and have IBS – I no longer drink white wine.

  8. Bill Says:

    Lactose does not necessarily come from milk. White wines that have undergone malolactic fermentation have lactic acid. In this process, bacteria is added to the wine to convert the malic acid into lactic acid.

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