Dairy-free Chocolate

Five years ago, two chocolate loving friends, one a dedicated vegan vegetarian and the other allergic to dairy, were unable to get really good tasting chocolate they would be willing to eat. They decided to do something about their problem and made their own chocolate!

After much research and experimentation, they came up with a really delicious chocolate with no dairy. Realizing that there were a lot of other people in the world like them, they decided to form a company to market and distribute their dairy-free chocolates.

To find out more about their chocolates, check out Chocolate Decadence or call 800-324-5018.

Dark Chocolate
Did you know dark chocolate doesn’t have lactose in it? Its SAFE to have if your lactose intolerant!


2 Responses to “Chocolate- Yes, even lactose intolerant sufferers need their chocolate!”

  1. Keryn Says:

    Not quite sure if you can decide lactose intolerance or not, but I have. I don’t drink a lot of milk – never have – but lately after drinking milk like iced coffees in bottles, or at cafe’s, i’ve been getting really bloated.

    So i’ve gone on a lactose free diet. I am pleased to see I can still eat my dark chocoalte, cause I prefer that over milk chocolate anyway.

  2. AnnaLee Says:

    It says there is milk and lactose in the ingredients on the back of dark chocolate!?

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