If any of these ingredients are listed on a product, it may contain lactose. Watch out for whey, curds, dry milk solids, milk by-products, and nonfat dry milk powder. More ingredients to watch out for are listed here.

Lactose Content of Dairy Foods

Food Types Serving Size Lactose Content
Milk Skim, 1%, 2%, Whole 8 oz. 10-12 gms.
Ice Cream All types 1 cup 9-10 gms.
Yogurt Nonfat, Low-fat 4 oz. 5-9 gms.
Hard Cheeses Swiss, Cheddar, American 1 oz. 0-3 gms.
Soft Cheeses Cottage, Feta, Ricotta 4 oz. 3-6 gms.
Cream All, including Half and Half 1 tbsp. 0.4-0.6 gms.

Aside from foods naturally considered “dairy”, you may find lactose in meats and other products! (Who knew?) Poultry, especially those big beautiful Butterball or Norbest or Perdue turkies sold for holiday dinners (frozen and fresh), are injected with butter, sodium nitrates, soy products and many other ‘flavorful’ ingredients. Many canned tuna and salmon producers have recently started adding milk to their products as well. Anything with seasoning sticking to it (seasoned french fries, Stove Top stuffing) is also suspect. These products contain whey because (you guessed it) it makes spices stick to things. Don’t eat Burger King’s “new” fries! They are laced with lactose!

Bottom line…read the label! And don’t be afraid to call the 800 numbers listed on products with difficult to decipher labels. Calling the company will 1. assure you of a solid answer with respect to dairy ingredients, and 2. alert the company of the needs an concerns of their lactose intolerant customers!

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